Venus & Olay ohhh how I love thee!! Target Trip

My local Target is well stocked of those items. I was soooo excited.. on this trip, I save $51.35 OOP $15.96 and $1.47 of that was tax! and got back 3 x $5 giftcards!

1 Fusion Razor $6.99
3 Venus Breeze $6.99 ea
3 Olay Body Washes with bonus pack $5.50 ea
Qs used
– 3 free olay body washes 16.50
-3 $2 Venus 6.00
-$4 fusion
-2 $1 olay body washes qs
OOP: $15.96 + tax, get back 3 $5 giftcards!

Submit $15 Olay Rebate..

so bascialy I got all the stuffs for free!!!

i just realized i shouldn’t used $1 off olay body washes on free items..oh well my 1st mistake.


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