i’ve been on that site for almost 2 months and i’m hooked. here is the reason why

I earned 7th $5 amazon giftcards so thats $35 amazon giftcards total for free!!! this is no joke! you can earn up to 5 giftcards per month, they comes on the 1st and 17th. i’m building my giftcard to purchase a laptop or save them to buy my boys christmas gifts. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

Take a look around. BUT first things first.

sign up under my referral:

download a toolbar and everytime you search you can just put in search box and go win it..its random that you get bucks like 10 up to 50. but do not oversearch it as your account will get suspended. when you hit 450, you can redeem a $5 amazon giftcard, it will come on the 1st and 17th of every month. just put giftcards on your amazon account as you build up to buy something from amazon.

cracking the codes –

how swagbucks works –


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