RARE – my poem

Just someting you pick off of the ground
Make your head spinning round and round
Imagine yourself being a rose
That engulfs and wrinkles up your nose
Smell something so intelligenous
That leaves other flowers so jealous
It has thorns on each layers.
hurt so beautiful, oh it does powers.

Petal stands out bring the imagination close & close
Feeling so silky, something loose
Each petal you peel, it just flows
Into a thin air, making people say many wows
Oh my lord, did you see that?!
See what?
Each petal has its unique colors
They all comes in different flavors.

I pick the ones that fall on my feet
Oh what wonders it does – it just spark
Being on a cloud nine, bring what’s front – it dark
As it takes through journey, it provide a shelter
Through all things I find, it become my breather.

Just like a rose petal, you are rare.

Linda Brooks
March 4, 2006


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