Cut Grocery Bill in Half

I cringe at the thought that I pay full price for foods! Well, never again will I be!

When I went to this wonderful site, and saw that Kroger had a Mega Sale last week of July. I jumped at the chance. I ordered coupons from and ebay as well. I waited for my coupons to arrive. When it did, off to Kroger I went! I bought 20 Pepsi products, 40 Mentos, and other stuffs. I saved over $100 and only spent $30 that day! I walked out with an adernaline rush and knew that I would come back again and again!

Now another Mega Sale at Kroger started last week, I ordered coupons from the same place I mentioned above. I got stuff worth $250 for just under $50! What I bought were 40 Progresso Soups, 20 warm delights, 4 Sunny D juices, and other stuff. This runs through this sunday.

at Food Lion during the weekend of 8/13, there were Kraft cheese buy one and get one deal combined that with when you buy 5, you will get $5 on your next order! (its just like catalina = where you can spend it on whatever) I kept rolling catalinas on cheeses, I got 11 kraft singles, 4 blocks, and 2 shredded for just a little under $2 and got 2 $5 catalinas to roll for future deals. OMG! I loved this!!

At Martin’s, there were a deal where you buy 10 kellogg products, get $10 catalina. I bought 30 poptarts, 26 cereal, 18 sandwich crackers, 4 nutrigrain bars, 6 eggos, 2 beef london broil, 1 beef strips, and 5lbs ground beef worth of $130 for $25! Can you believe it!!

These are the stores I normally shop at. Now I know that I will NEVER pay full price on anything!


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