Baby Lotions , Wisks, Sobes

I had fun shopping at CVS ths week. If you are in a need of baby lotions/washes, lifewater drinks and detergents, this is the week to do it. You buy $25 worth of baby products/diapers and get back $10 ECB. Wisk Detergents are Buy one, Get one (BOGO) free this week, you can use 4 $3 Wisk Detergents that was in RP 8/29 insert and get 4 detergents for $2.49. Sobes are BOGO this week, there’s a game where you can play to get coupons for BOGO, click HERE You can print twice everyday, use back button and print!

Here is my trip yesterday:
4 Wisk Detergents $8.49 ea = $33.49
12 Sobes $1.59 ea = $19.08
Subtotal: $53.04

Coupons I used:
$5/$25 CVS CRT ( these comes out at the end of the recipt or red scanner in the front of store)
4 $3 Wisk Detergent RP 8/28 insert
6 Sobe BOGO

Total out of pocket: -$.59, just add a filler to get over the negative..maybe a candy?

I got a raincheck for 6 sobes and 12 wisk detergents, they are out of them! Rainchecks never expire, so if your store are out of them, better to ask for a one!


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