What I will post about in my blog

I have though long and hard about what I should post. Both my boys are sleeping as I type this, this is the only time I actually have time to myself. My life has been so hectic with them around. Cooking, cleaning and washing! Yeah, in the life of SAHM! LOL. OK, get back to the point of this post.. Here is the list I will post about

*Coupoining – Everyone and I know I love to save money by using coupons and cut my grocery bills in half, so I will continue that.

*Hair care – I have joined the most powerful hair care website there is, Hairlista. I will talk about that in next post or so, Keep an eye out for this one!

*Baking – I have found my interest – baking cookies. My boys and I have sweet tooth. So you will find my post talking about those!

*Life in General – I will talk about any and everything.

*Sweepstakes and contests – I just started to sweep mid-october and won several contests. I will post my wins here.

*Reviews and giveaways – Since my first giveaway on Nov 15th, I had fun doing the review and gave away the prize pack. I will do that again and again.

and the list goes on and on…

So, I hope you will find my blog very interesting. So, follow me on GFC, @ me on twitter or friend me on facebook! I won’t bite!



One thought on “What I will post about in my blog

  1. I have been doing the frugal, couponing and contest entering since 2007. And once you start you just cant stop. lol. those prizes are hard to give up. I won more than 30 things last month, which is a record for me. And I loved it. About hair what type of hair do you have natural or relaxed? Mine is natural. Did it in 2008.

    @shopgurl on twitter

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