Who is Counting?!

I cannot tell you how excited I am about Christmas!! I’m a big kid at heart when it comes to these things! Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday! Love to see little kids’ faces lighten up when they walk right into the living room, presents waiting!

This year will be the first year my 4 year old son have no clue what I get him, thanks to Swagbucks. So all the presents I got my boys are basically FREE! He will get thomas, lego, toy story toys. I still debate what to get my 1 year old. I know he loves pots and pans. One day we went to dollar store, I put him down and looked at christmas stuff. I looked to my side and he was gone! I looked for him and saw that he took the pots and tried to get away from me when I tried to chase him. OH that little terror but I love him so! LOL

Oh Christmas Stocking Stuffers! I used to remember when we went to my great grandmother’s house, she got all of kids stockings up on the wall and our names were written. I remember I couldn’t wait for the day I got to see what is inside. Candies, travel games, movies, teddy bears, socks, etc. Oh Christmas teddy bears, I remember how I used to collect those growing up. AWW at the memories!

I miss my great grandmother, God rest her soul because she is the reason I start the tradition with my boys. Stocking stuffers on the wall, decorate christmas trees, wrap presents early, cook and bake foods, play board games (for when my boys get a bit older). I start my own tradition by baking cookies and take them out on the street looking at christmas lights! Oh I simply cannot wait!

Who is counting with me? 11 more days!!!


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