20 Things About Me

I looked through many blogs this past weekend to see something I’d like to post about but I came to this blog, NoliesPlace and something perked my interest. So I checked around and came to her blog post of 20 Things About Me. And I though, why not I write something about me that my readers like to know about. I know there is many people saying to write 20 things about themselves is quite hard. This rings true, even in my case since I am a stay at home mommy. I have no interests or whatsoever but I will try!!

1. at 6 months old, I became deaf from spinal menigitis.
2. I have 3 younger sisters, all of them are in college and one of them is pregnant with my niece coming Feb 23rd
3. I have 2 boys whom I love with all of my heart. Mommy loves you, Dezmond & Zion.
4. I graduated with a BS degree in accounting at Gallaudet University in 2006.
5. I grew up on Gallaudet Campus partially all my life, so I consider the campus my 2nd home.
6. People mistake me for being from another country, because of my almond-shaped eyes and the color of my skin.
7. I was named after an aunt who died in a car accident several weeks before I was born.
8. I love couponing.
9. I love to win what I cannot afford, thanks to Sweeties Sweeps.
10. I was a bookworm growing up.
11. I love to cook.
12. I loved sports when I was in school, so I hope my boys does!
13. I’m fortunate to have a family that loves me.
14. I’m a hairlista, always and forever!
15. All doors in my house have to be closed before I close my eyes.
16. I’m a friend who you can trust your secrets with
17. I’m a person who would lend a shoulder you could cry on.
18. I’m very understanding and patient person.
19. I’m always on internet, if not on, I’m either playing with my boys or cooking.
20. Last but not least, I love breastfeeding! (16 months and still counting)

See..this isn’t hard for me. Your turn!!

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4 thoughts on “20 Things About Me

  1. Hi, Linda. I also need to close all doors before I go to sleep, especially closet doors. I'm just superstitious that way. I am passing by and following from ToughCookieMommy.com Thank you for being a loyal reader. I look forward to seeing you participate in Monday Mingle every Monday.

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