Live Life Comfortably…

Since my doorbell doesn’t work, I dont know how that happened, its a whole another story in itself. I was worried because I’m deaf and I don’t hear the doorbell. I kept telling Dezmond to tell me if somebody is at the door but he fell asleep. So I took out the doorbell of the front door and began to fix it but as soon as I got to the front door, there it was, the UPS lady delievered my BearPaws boots and Toy Story 3 that I got from Amazon for $5.99. I was sooo excited to receive the boots because I wasn’t sure if I were the first 1000 entrants that they gave away on their blog but I was! I have tried so hard to win one of those boots on twitter. They give one boots to a random winner every friday. Live Life Comfortably rings true because as soon as I tried them on and omg.. you wouldn’t believe the excitement I have in my heart and in these feet. I know those are quite popular and pretty expensive. I’m so glad I won one. I got the Kola Boots in White. I’m so GLAD I got in time! These boots are a real beauty!! My feet thanks you, BearPaws!

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