Eight Fun Facts

I rarely talk about myself, I’m very reserved but fun to be around. I promise you once you know me, you will definitely love me, all of my close friends would tell you that! 🙂 I got this idea from my friend, Adorable Ya Ya.

8 fun facts about me

1. I played all sports in elementary and high school.
2. I sing to myself in the shower, LOL.
3. I cannot stand blood.. bleh!
4. I love hiking.
5. I didn’t learn how to ride a bike til I was 13!
6. I have a BS degree in accounting.
7. I collect cookbooks
8. Sometimes, I get homesick….

OOH, how easy that was! It’s your turn!!

some text to describe the image


2 thoughts on “Eight Fun Facts

  1. I loved it. This gives us a way to talk about ourselves. We are always about others(mainly our babies) so I enjoyed being able to learn more about you. I bet you sound like the best of the best…..in that shower! LOL!

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