Share Simple Changing for the Year Ahead!

Socialmoms (formerly known as Twittermoms) has teamed up with Simply Orange Juice to share the pledges to make your life changing. Do you make a list of what you would like to accomplish in 2011? Do you go step by step to complete them or just not in particular order? I haven’t had a list since I had the boys, but I’m determined to accomplish some of my resolutions in 2011.

1. Pay off debts. I’d like to see some of my debts to be paid off by Dec 2011. I want to be able to relax and not to worry about whether or not I pay this or not. What I need to do is first debt validate to make sure any of those debts are 100% mine, then go from there.

2. I want to see my blog taking off. Since feb of last year, I have read wealth information about the blogging world and how to accomplish a great blog. So I will do many contents on my blog like reviews/giveaways, my saving trips to drugstores/grocery stores, wordless wednesday, etc. I want my readers to know more about me each day.

3. Since I have a nice little stockpile of foods, I want to be able to cook from scratch. I enjoy cooking. I hate the idea of running out to store if I forget something, I will build up my stockpile of items that my family need. I got a nice stash of laundry detergents. I have about 24 Wisk Detergents from CVS sales. LOVE THOSE!

4. I want to own my small business. Maybe small accounting or something of that sort. I may not know what that might leads me. I’m a stay at home mom and I want the comfort in knowing I can be able to work and take care of my boys at the same time.

5. Organizing. I’m such an organized freak. I must have things organized or I might freak out. I have started the pantry in my kitchen. To keep thngs organized, I will have to put it back as soon as I finish with that item. Fold clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer. Put away toys as soon as my boys finish playing with them!

Those are my goals for this year. It’s really that simple. With the determination and patience, I know I will get this done! To tweak things, take a look at my list every 3 months or so to see how far I have come. What are your goals for this year? To make things simple, do one at a time.

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