Cooking from Scratch

It is fun to see my boys watching me to cook from scratch. I think they appreciate the fact that their mother put blood, tears and sweat in the foods that goes in their tummies. I think the more time you spend in the kitchen, the more you will appreciate all of your cookings, at least to me anyway. I used to dread the thought of cooking, I always leave it to someone more experienced and talented. But now I don’t dread it anymore because I do love cooking. I love to try different meals. I cooked homemade sour cream enchiladas that was posted by The Pioneer Cooks. I absolutely love the idea of her using step by step pictures, which makes my cooking much easier and enjoyable! Everytime I’m in the kitchen, my 4 year old would say what are you cooking? I would tell him. He loves to help me putting ingredients in the bowl or stir the pot for me while I prepare on the other counter. My 16 month old loves to be on my hip as he watches me putting ingredients in the pots. Now I wish I had bought a moby wrap so it would be much easier to have my other hand free, LOL! I think my boys appreciates me teaching them ins and outs of the kitchen.

“Hey don’t open that!” “Don’t touch that, it’s too hot!” “Get behind me!” are the daily dialogues between me and the boys. My youngest loves to get on the floor playing with my pots and pans. Or even get close to me while I’m stirring the food on the stove. I need to buy a baby gate so they can stay out of my kitchen.

I just need some ideas on how to make kid meals such as lunch and dinner because some food I cook,
they just don’t like the texture or it looks nasty to them. They are such picky eaters. I will try to go on a month without stopping by any fast foods. One week into this, I think I can do it! Thanks for reading!

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