I admit when I say I’m an organized freak, that’s a lie because I get tired to clean up after everyone and not just that, but also because I’m a SAHM and have 2 little boys full time at home. Our clothes get tossed right out of the dryer onto the bed, the boys’ room is a little messy right now ie toys everywhere, clothes get messy in the closet (I need a drawer for that!), our bathrooms get cleaned weekly but they do get messy. I need organzing help, a big one at that. I need to organize my bathroom cabinets, our bedroom closets, my kitchen pantry and cabinets, oh and yeah, not to mention my coupon binder (inserts in every place imaginable!). Since I was so inspired by Rubbermaid chats on twitter last week, I’m more than eager to do a little organizing in my pantry and I had prevailed. I just need any idea how to organize our bedroom closets and bathroom cabinets, ugh. What a hard work that will be but soo worth it. I’m on a mission to look into buying storage bins, rubbermaid products, etc to organize my whole house because I need to know where the things are. Can you please help me?

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