Actually Made Money At Rite Aid Trip 2/17

I called the store manager to make sure that my preordered items has come in yet. He told me they didn’t come in so he will give me rainchecks for those items I wanted. So, off I went to get other items. He was being wonderful. Being that I’m deaf, I wrote down the lists I wanted for this week and he just signed his inital and circled the items in the sale ad. I went in with $16 in UP rewards and came out with $34 in UP rewards. My trip looked like this –

4 Ziploc bags – $2.50 ea ($2 UP when you buy 2)

2 Colgate Total – $3.50 ($3.50 UP – Limit 2)

1 Theraflu Day Cold Capsulets 24ct – $4.00 ($1 UP – there’s a rebate for this in 2/13 SS insert, for up to $6.99)

Coupons I used

2 $1/2 Ziploc bags from pullups houseparty (thank you!)

$1/1 Colgate Total

$2 Theraflu IP

(7) $2 UP rewards

Total OOP: $1.97, got back $20 Winter Reward for Spending $100, (2) $3.50 colgate total, (2) $2 ziploc, and $1 UP theraflu.

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