CartBuster and Money Saving Tips at Kroger!!

If it’s one thing I’m known for and inspired to it’s being a serious couponer! I wouldn’t leave my house without my coupon binder, in case there’s unadvertised deals at the stores. I’m so excited when SocialMoms and Kroger asked me to do a post for their blogging program!

I always go to Slickdeals and WeUseCoupons every chance I get to see the sales ad way in advance (more likely 2 weeks). I check my pantry to see what I need to write down, what my boys likes to eat, and what I like to eat. So this way, I can maximize my saving by using coupons and their eCoupons on their website, you can check them out here Kroger. Cellfire and Shortcuts are the other digital coupons that you can load onto your cards.

I order my coupons from clipping services and do coupon swaps with fellow couponers on the sites I mentioned above! Or you can ask your friends, family members or neighbors to save coupons for you. OR, you can ask your favorite store to save the coupons for you to pick up on Monday mornings (I haven’t done this – I’m very afriad!)

With the list and coupons organized in your hand or a small coupon binder, you will know you only go in what you want to get on your list. I usually go in and out within 30 minutes. I know where everything is at the store. You can go to the register or do a self-checkout (I rather to do self-checkout, so I can know how much I spend and save this way!) I usually save between 60% – 90% on my trips! Start small then work your way up.

Launching this sunday on February 27th, Cartbuster is a way to go. The sale ad is very well organized, so you can know what items that are on sale and how much they costs. You can check Kroger’s facebook page for Deal of the Day daily, starting February 27th. The sales usually go on for 2 weeks. My favorite items from Cartbuster program are betty crocker, glade, ziploc bags/containers, hormel pepperoni, totino’s pizza/pizza rolls, pepsi soft drinks, pillsbury bread, just to name the few!

So this is a very exciting opportunity for you to maximize your savings. Why don’t you start clip and order coupons? So when the sale starts, you can get started! Who doesn’t love to cut their grocery bills in half? I know I am so I could never pay full price, ever! Happy Savings!!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms Kroger CartBuster blogging program, for a gift card worth $50. For more information on how you can participate, click here

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