What makes my family happy

As a stay at home mommy, the task is endless to keep everyone in the family happy and that’s to eat and give little surprises! I know you know I love to cook. I love to find new recipes for my family to try out. Whatever it’s short or sweet, its to keep my boys’ stomach content! Socialmoms and Farm Rich asked me to write this blog post to share my happiness with you all.

It’s little things that makes the world go round and round. I love to receive surprises as well as give away surprises. I just donated 3/4 of my pantry to my sons’ grandmother’s co-worker, well because he goes through a nasty divorce with his ex wife and all the $$ he works hard for goes to her for their 2 kids. Little things like these makes me feel good.

I’m being a coupon fairy. I just left at least 10 $3/1 gain coupons at Walmart right next to product the other day because I have no need for them and they are about to expire anyway. Oh and just left at least 15 Stayfree buy one and get one free coupons at Rite Aid today. It makes me feel good knowing someone could have use them!

I love to cook. Seeing the big smiles coming across my boys’ little faces makes me happy as well as make them happy. I work so hard to provide food on the table and goes down my boys’ tummies. I love going to grocery shopping and cut my bill in half! Bringing home $200 worth of groceries just for $10 or less makes me happy.

I love couponing. Knowing I can save and never full price, I match coupons with sale ad way in advance. Ordering coupons whatever I need. Expired coupons goes to military overseas. Little things like these makes me very happy. Knowing that people could use expired coupons up to 6 months, that makes me feel good. It’s like never waste cash. Coupons goes around daily.

So little things makes people happy do come true because one of my friend just posted a statue on Facebook saying her neighbors paid her rent bill and she never knew until the rental office told her. I was in awe and wish I was her. So tell me what things that make you and your family happy? Do you have any insights/advices on how to make things so memorable?

Tell us. We love to hear from you! {I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Farm Rich blogging program, for a gift card worth $25. For more information on how you can participate, click here.}

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