Coca-Cola Family Memories

Everyone have a coca-cola memory. The first taste and then you are hooked. I’m that person. I remember the first time I drank coke pop, and let me tell you, it was a love in first taste. Socialmoms and Coca-cola has asked me an opportunity to write a blog post about my all time favorite mealtime memory with you all.

It’s funny how the design of Coca-Cola bottle has changed, from glass to plastic. I drank from both, but in my opinion, I think the glass of coca cola hit the spot! I have to have them right at the mealtime. I absolutely love to drink them with ice. Nothing could make your taste bud better than Coca-Cola!

I remember how my great grandmother used to buy many of them during our family gatherings (oh how I miss her!). Birthday Parties, Homecoming, Graduations, Easters, Christmas and Thanksgiving parties. Nothing could be better than seeing a coca-cola pop sitting right next to your meal.

I enjoy the times I have with my family. We rarely do them now since we are so busy with our lives but whenever we are together, we tend to leave our problems at home and have a laughing fest among each other.

I remember taking turns to do the jumpropes with many of my cousins. We went to the playground almost daily during summertime just to run and play. I used to love swing high and high and have no care in the world.

Coca-Cola pop is my guilty pleasure. I would drink it right after I wake up in the morning and right before I go to sleep at night. There are rare times I get headach and the soda makes it go away. Weird, right?! But like I say, I would drink it daily, without getting sick. 🙂

I remember few months ago there were some great sales on those products. Coca-Cola is one of them and you know that I’m a serious couponer and I stocked up BIG TIME! I bought 24 12-pack for $5 total using coupons and store reward cards. These sodas were gone within 2 months.

I absolutely love how long they have been around, 125 years since 1886! That’s how they create memories that are around for centuries.

I would love to hear about your coca cola memory with your family, whether its big or small. But its a memory that last forever! Tell me in the comment box below!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Coca-Cola® blogging program. If I am one of the first 100 blogs received by SocialsMoms, I will receive a $25 gift card. For more information on the program, click here.

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