5 Summer Getaways for Kids

I remember during my childhood, my parents would encourage me to go anywhere my heart desired. I believe every child should have at least 5 activities every summer whether it’s a basketball camp to hiking. Summer is my favorite season, who doesnt love to feel the warm breeze against your skin? and have your feet soaked in beach?SocialMoms and Alamo gave me the opportunity to do this blog post for you all to read about the five summer getaways every child should have in the summer.

1. Camping – what doesnt beat camping? NOTHING but friends, a lifelong memories and great staff that would look out for you. I have been attended camps almost all my life in elementary school. Let me say, it was rewarding and a great feeling to break from a school hard work. Camp is all about surviving, learn about the wilderness, learn how to respond quickly just in case of emergency, amd what children doesnt love the horror stories around campfire?!

2. Legoland in California – every kid would love to be in this place where there are toys, toys and toys everywhere. I wish there’s one in east of the United States but I’d settle for Disney (more on that in next paragraph). You would love to see your child’s eyes opening wide and gasp and they run around wildly! As people tell me about this place, this is the best toyland for all ages!

3. Disney – who doesnt love disney? EVERYONE! I believe everyone should take a vacation there whether its in the summer, fall or winter during christmas time The place is so beautiful and it makes you feel right at home. Children will have fun there taking rides, take pictures with their favorite characters and just to create memories.

4. Roller Skating Rings – I think every child should roll in their skating boots, it gives them a boost to go further in life! I remembe how I used to skate, I would spin around faster than you can say my name. It usually open during summer, why not go for it?

5. last but not least – Biking. Oh my goodness, I remember how I used not to ride bicycle and how long I have wanted to learn how to do this. I learned how to ride a bike in camp! YES, in camp I told you about in the first paragraph up above. My friend taught me how. I think at an early age, children should take a ride in their tricycle and bicycle. It’s a best family getaway!

All in all, I think it’s best to plan the summer getaways way in advance because it helps to prepare you to do things than do it at the last minute, especially when it comes to camping. Once you do the camping par, you can do the rest just fine. Camp gives you a boost in life.

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Alamo blogging program, for a gift card worth $25. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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