My Trademark + Hairlista

Those that knows me know that my hair is my trademark. Growing up I always have the longest and beautiful hair. I have a (what my mother always called) “white girl’s hair.” You would rake your hand through my hair and feel its mane. Since I have given this beautiful feature from my father’s side of family, I have no knowledge on how to take care of my hair. I would always put it in a ponytail (being athetic I was growing up). My split ends has became my life. Breakages here and there, I would always get frustrated but I don’t trim them.

So one day I told my cousin I wanted to cut it off to a short version, like touching to my neck. She gave me this look and said, “Linda, what are you doing? cut it all off?” I told her yes please! So she cut it and I felt better. My split ends looks perfect. Then I would take care of it daily. WRONG! I didn’t but my hair grows like weed! I’m very fortunate but I need to find something to take good care of my hair daily. I used to think I have to wash my hair twice or four times a month. WRONG! All of that had changed when I joined Hairlista. A site about all things hair, skin and beauty care…. more to come later! 🙂

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