The Day Dezmond Was Born

I remember the day like it was yesterday and it still takes my breath away at each moment that my first born is still growing. I take this opportunity to embrace the growth and take each day as a learning tool.

On the night of Nov 29th 2006 I was doing what I was doing, cooking and cleaning. My boyfriend Daniel went out with his friend and didn’t come home till the wee of the morning. Around 12AM, I laid my head against the pillow and went to heavenly sleep. Then Daniel came home and slept besides me, I looked at the clock and it said 3:40AM. I went back to sleep for few hours. I started to feel this pain down in my abdomen early next morning, just though it would pass so I slept some more but the contractions came every 10 minutes.

Then at 7AM it was pretty intense, I woke up Daniel and told him I was having a pain. He shrugged like it was nothing and went back to sleep. I tried to sleep but the pain was oh so unbearable. I tossed and turned for about an hour, then the pain came closer and closer. This time I woke him up and told him to tell his mother that I was having a pain. He was so tired and I kept pressuring him that it was for real. He thought I was joking. Then he made me to lay myself in the tub and see if the pain would go away and it didn’t.

At 8:30AM we went to the hospital, I could hardly walk because the contraction had really come closer and closer. Daniel was in his grumpy mood because he didn’t have get sleep. Around 9AM, we were in the waiting room and within a matter of seconds, the nurse called my name and put me on monitors to see if I’m contracting. The nurse turned around and looked at me, ‘you are going to have a baby tonight.’ Daniel’s eyes popped open and said, ‘TODAY? TODAY?’ the nurse nodded and smiled. He was like oh my god. I walked around amazed and in daze.

Then the nurse took me to L&D room where I changed my clothes to get ready. He told his mother and his mother came running from work. I laid on the hospital bed, couldn’t really sink in yet thinking it wasn’t real and that it was all dream. The nurse put me in IV and antibiotics it made me so sick I threw up 7 times. The pain was really severe, I’ve never felt this pain before in my life. The nurse said, do you want an epidural? I was like I don’t know, I’m going to wait and see. Then the pain came really closer and closer. The nurse looked at me and I said yes.

Came the epidural I had never felt this good before. I was numb from neck down and couldn’t feel my legs that I thought my water broke. It didn’t, it was my pee streaming down from feeling warm in my body. As soon as I laid down on the bed, I was peeing again. So the nurse put catheter in. When I went to sleep, the nurses came rushing to shake my belly, I woke up not knowing what’s going on. They told me that the baby’s heart rate was going down, but luckily they got his heart back up. I’d never felt this quite a scare before in my life.

At 2pm, the doctor broke my water because I wasn’t dilated anymore after 5cm. ( my OB was away on vacation.) I told Jeanette, Daniel’s mom to call my mother and tell her to come down here. My father, Grandma and my sister came @ 7pm. I was so happy to see them. Came behind them were my mother, my sterpdad, Aunt Talisha, my 2 sisters and a cousin. I was so happy to see my whole family.

They were very anxious for me to give a birth. I wasn’t dilated anymore after 5cm and that my son had a meconium, the doctor told my mother that they had to do an emergency c-section. I was so scared, my mind was on my son and wondered if he was all right but I was drugged from epidural that it put me to sleep. I have to keep them up because everybody was talking to me.

Then at 9pm, they rushed me to OR (operating room) to do a surgery. Came in were my mother and Daniel. My mother interpreted what the doctors said. My neck hurt from looking up at her. They kept asking me if I hurt. I shook my head NO. Then I went to sleep. My mother woke me up and said are you alright? I said yea I’m tired.

Finally, Dezmond Jordan Perez emerged into the world at 9:18pm at a whooping 6 lbs,12 ounces and 19 inches just the same size like Daniel but an half less than him. They pulled him out and put him on a warm machine. Daniel and my mother watched the whole time as they tried to retrieve the blood and mecomium coming out of his throat. Finally, he let out a cry!! Then the pediatrician brought him to me, I couldn’t do anything but stroke his cheeks. I’d never felt this love before.

I had never knew a life before motherhood from the moment I laid my eyes on my son.

More information about the new site: The Day Baby Was Born

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