Breastfeeding Rocks!

I’m having flashbacks about trying to breastfeed my youngest. I came upon Kellymom for help to get me started and let me tell you, the forum is awesome. Breastfeeding mamas are so helpful there.. I remember the first time I tried my hardest to do it, so I asked anyone to help me. “Stick with it,” were their response. I thought here, HOW?! I made no plans to go anywhere for first 8 weeks of his life and lay up in the bed with him. Everytime he would try to push away, I keep offering. It was a trying time. I thought about quitting because I cannot stand to see him screaming at the top of his lungs, but I kept at it 100%. I have thought about supplement with formula. “Dump the formulas and bottles..” were their response.

I was in the verge of tears because I couldn’t do it. There was my sweet baby boy, screaming and being hungry. “Count 6 Diapers and 2 poops a day. that’s how you know he gets enough.” I remember hearing that in my head all the time. Everyday I would count them, sometimes 4 but it keep consistent at being 6 or more. I would change him everytime. For first 8 weeks, my milk supply went up and down. I would try something to keep it up but I didn’t, so I ate more and drink more. Nor did I pump, I didn’t have a reason to.

After 8 long and trying weeks, my milk supply met his demand. He nursed perfectly. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to scream or cry. It was the proudest moment of my life. I gave him the best start in life. I was upset that I didn’t do it with my oldest but what I didn’t know before I do now. I breastfed my oldest for first 2 months then I stopped because my milk dried up – (it didn’t dry up, the reason was because I didn’t keep offering..)

Now almost 2 years later still nursing, my toddler is very healthy. Very happy and bouncing baby boy. Always smiling and talking. Oh how I love him so! He’s so very independent and rathers to do things his way but such a mama’s boy. He’s a very smart toddler. He will turn two this saturday, Aug 27th. More about this in another post..


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