Mompact: Review and Giveaway of Bandette Cup and Bottle Labels

Bandette Cup and Bottle Labels
Have you ever misplaced cups and/or bottles? Wonder whether or not it’s your child’s bottle, due to allergies? I have misplaced many times in my children’s lives, not sure if this or that is his. This is where Bandette comes to play. I am so pleased when this came. Check this picture I took above: Isn’t this a cool product or what?
From their website:
Bandettes are fun and useful. You can write anything you want on a “name plate”, and then erase it for the next use. No more permanent markers on one cup. The changeable possibilities are endless,and the cute character remains the same.  That makes our goal – what mom’s need and what kid want!

This is very much true because I just did a review when I wrote my son’s name on one of the labels with papermate pen, thinking it won’t get erased but when I used my thumb to erase the name off of it, it came right off pretty easily!
My son’s name on the label

I used my thumb to erase the name and it came off!

See how easy it is to make my life much better when I use them! Several of their features I absolutely love about this product:
* they are dishwasher and microwave safe! But please remember, before dishwashing, to rub off the information you do not want to remain long term.
*  They fit in cups and bottles, even small containers and adult cups – how cool is that!
* Use a non-toxic ball point pen to write theri name, date, allergies or any other pertinent information on the unique “name plate”. 
* They are reusable and easily move from one cup to another
* They are FDA-meet
If you want your message to be permanent, simply boiling and dishwashing the band with the information still on it.

More about Mompact:
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Are you ready for the best part? YUP, I’m giving away the product I received. One of my reader will have a chance to win one of the coolest product ever invented!
Please enter via Rafflecopter below. 
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Disclaimer: This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability. This is a Mompact sponsored event and the opinions and ideas on the products presented are entirely my own!

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