4 and half month pregnant + random thoughts

Good Morning! I just cooked breakfast for me and my 2 year old while my 5 year old is at school. Last night while both my boys were sleeping, I was in a deep thought about life in general. I laid there and thought about what more I could give my kids. Since I became a mom on Nov 30, 2006 the day my oldest was born, I had a mindset that I would be able to stay home to raise my kids as I know how. And yes, I love it. I love my job as a stay at home mommy. I love to see all of their firsts. I love how they wake me up and say mommy I want.. I will be able to be one as long as I can afford to.

Now this is where couponing comes to play. I coupon because I love to save money. I coupon because I want to build a stockpile of a lot of stuff. I have tons of shampoos/conditioners, body washes (men/women), good supply of bar soaps, dish liquids and hand washing liquids. I will stock up on laundry detergents (I want to learn how to make my own laundry detergent one day!), toilet papers (there’s a good sale on Charmin this week at CVS – will post about my trip this weekend). I do this because I hate the idea of running out to store and get something I pay full price for. My motto is “Thou Shalt Not Pay Retail.” I will never pay full price, ever!

I will explain how I do my inserts meaning coupons and organizing them in my coupon binder. Where/how I get them weekly and where I keep them – not organized right now since Im a organized nerd. LOL but since I’m pregnant, I have a good reason!!

This year I will  try to do as many do-it-yourself projects as I can, which means sewing and crafts with my boys since I discovered that they love crafts. For this valentine’s, I just found the cutest idea ever on Pinterest where you have your child put their hand out and hold their fist, you take a picture and transfer them to picnik where you can add text such as Happy Valentine’s Day From… and print them out. You punch two holes between your child’s fist and insert a candy in there! Voila You are done! I will get my boys to do craft on the Valentine’s wood frames that I got from Michael’s for $1 each for their grandmothers. I will try to think far ahead for other activities to do with my boys this year! How fun this will be!

Okay, time to stop rambling….LOL. I will be back soon!!

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One thought on “4 and half month pregnant + random thoughts

  1. I love being a stay at home mom too. And yes I understand how being pregnant cause you to be unorganized sometimes lol been through that last year!! Can't wait to see your “do it yourself” projects.

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