Hair Care

Since I became pregnant, I have been slacking with the care of my hair. One time I went two months without washing, conditioning and moisturizing because I was so sick with severe morning sickness. All I did during that two horrible month was laying on the couch and felt very sick. My hair was so dirty and nappy and I didn’t have a care in the world. I simply put it back into ponytail and called it a day. But then when thanksgiving came around, I felt slightly better.

I permed my hair during the holidays because I couldn’t stand how my hairline looked, it was so thick and crazy looking. I permed, conditioned for about an hour and then sprayed wtih Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner and wrap it up. I do not use blow dryer unless really necessary. By next day, my hair looked clean and smooth. I keep a vow to myself to take good care of it by co-washing and mositure/seal daily.

I have stocked up with alot of Pantene Shampoos/Conditioners at CVS few weeks ago. I’m pretty much set for several years.

I will put down my hair regimen and the products I’m using…. be on a look out!


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