Why Shopping for Food Deals at Drugstore

If you have the same thought like I did before I entered the couponing world, EW! Those food at drugstores are nasty and horrible, some are well past its expiration dates are pretty common – well, remove that thought! Let me give you several reasons why to shop for food deals at drugstores is always the best.

There has been times where you run out of items at home, you don’t want to feel like going to grocery store to deal with crowds and nasty/snotty cashiers so you go to much smaller stores such as CVS, Walgreens and RiteAid, giving you a mind of ease.

Often times those food items have much better sales going on. For instance, this week, cereals are on sale for 3/$10 at CVS and you will get back $4 ECB back, the cereals are much cheaper if you have the coupons. Unfortunately, the limit is one per card. If you are shopping for your family members, tell them to register their own cards. That goes for Walgreens and Rite Aid, too.

I recently bought 6 bags of 4lbs of Domino Sugar for $2.49 at Walgreens,  I had coupons for $.50/1 which makes them $1.99 each. Those normally costs $3.XX and above at grocery stores. I also bought 4 100ct Lipton Tea Bags at the same place for $2.99 and had internet printables for $.75/1 which makes them $2.24 per box or (.02/per bag!)

Whatever I look for the food deals, I always go to Drugstore Food Deals from $5 Dinners. Erin often updates weekly so check back often!

Now you see why I always look for the best deals for my bucks!


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