2 days without blogging

On friday I went to see my OB/GYN and I gained 18 pounds since I found out I was pregnant. Oh my god, I remember I gained 35 with Dezmond and 12 with Zion. I think I eat too much throughout this pregnancy, but what can I say, I love food and I cook. So, I cooked AM Northwest and Cheesy Taco Pasta – it’s out of the world meal. I found this recipe on Pinterest (follow me if you wish) and then it took me to this website where I can find the ingredients – AM Northwest and Cheesy Taco Pasta. I often thank God for my stockpile because I do not have to run out to the store and get stuff to make this with. It’s an easy meal. Try it if you want!

Why is it my boys like to waste my papers? Everytime they draw something, they keep asking for another one. That’s it. I will have an activity for them to do this weekend. I bought wood frames at Michaels’s for 2/$1 last week. They will make their own Valentine creations for their grandmothers. I bet they would love it! I need to buy picture papers for the project for Dezmond’s class – 3-D Valentine’s cards. I thinik it’s too cute and much personalized. What to do with all those photo boxes I bought? I will think of something here…

Oh and I went to Martin’s, my local grocery store and saw that the rubbermaid easy lid containers are on sale through Feb 25th for $2.79 and use $1/1 coupon from Jan 1st smartsource insert which will makes them $1.79 each! I just know what to do with them.

My boys are sleeping right now and I think I will join them…

Blog tomorrow!


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