Step by Step: How to Shop + Coupon

Since my friend posted a picture of her CVS trip on facebook, she saved $33.13, spent $21 and got back $8 ecbs. Not to mention this was her first time, I was so happy for her. I have thought long and hard what to explain how I shop and coupon at the stores but then it hits me. Everything has to be visual in deaf community so I will try to explain step by step in the way I know how. I will go with CVS since it’s the easier store to shop at and the best place to coupon at!

My #1 tip to you is to start small but of course you will always have to pay large OOP (out of pocket = $$) and then work your way down and down when you roll those extra care bucks.

Step by Step:

1. Either on Saturday or Sunday (saturday if they have the early version out), you go to any stores and buy sunday newspapers, but before you buy them, make sure that the coupons are inside. Sometimes people steal them and sell them for crazy amount.

2. Look through CVS sales ad or go to WeUseCoupons (this is the site I often go – if you sign up, tell them AWWiTzLEXi referred you!) On the site, click on Coupon Forum, it will take you to different categories such as Deal Locator – this is where you need to go and click on CVS. Scroll down and click on CVS Free/Cheap/GDA – (Week of 1/22-1/28) or CVS 1/22-1/28 ECB Deals & Ad Scan. Then you will see the list of sales on both link.

3. Write down what you want to buy and have coupons for. Cut and clip coupons that you want to use. For instance for week 1/22, there are 2 triaminac and theraflu on sale for 2/$11 and get back $3 extra care buck. The coupon doesn’t comes out until sunday, so you will need to buy 2 sunday newspapers in order to get 2 coupons per item. So the price after you buy the cold medicine and get back the extra care buck is $4 dollars.

4. When you go to the store and see the shelf clearing, don’t get upset or mad. Ask for a raincheck – they don’t expire and they can be used, even a year later with better sale!

But what I suggest you to do is to ask the store manager when the sale activates early – my store activates their sale ads after 6pm on saturday, so after that is the best time to go. I noticed that the 24 hours CVS store always to activate their sale ads sometimes at noon or in the afternoon.

5. Always scan your extra buck card at the CVS red scanner, they can be seen in the middle of the whole store facing the registers. Those CVS coupons are the best because then you can use these with MQ coupons that you found in the sunday newspapers. You will have a better saving. For instance, the red scanner gave me a coupon for Remember Valentine’s: Buy 3 Hallmarks card, get one free or $1.50/1 Carmex Lip Balm. The lip balm is on sale this week for $1.50, so yes you can use $1.50 CVS coupon and get it for free!

Buy 3 American Greetings or Hallmarks and get $3 ECB is on the sale this week!
Buy 3 Hallmarks card, get one free – you have to buy 4 cards to get the 4th one free. Those card often goes on sale for buy 3, get $3 ecb. Get the ones that costs $.99 cent. 3 cards x .99 = $2.97 and get back $3 ecb, even if you have ecbs from previous week, you can roll those. Today I bought 4 cards. Here’s what my transaction looked like: 4 cards x .99 = $3.96 and I got the filler: Mentos for $1.19 = $5.15 and I used $4 ecb and CVS Buy 3 Hallmarks cards, get 1 free took off .99 = $.16 plus tax. So, I paid 39 cents for 4 cards and candy!

6. Upon arriving to the register, always have your coupons in hand. The cashier will scan your card and the products you are going to buy. After she/he finishes scanning, hand them your coupons. MQ coupons (from sunday papers goes first), then CVS coupons and then lastly, ecbs. That’s how it works for me everytime.

Happy Couponing!


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