DIY Project: My boys’ room

My boys have many toys that they played once and forgot about them. So this month I’m doing a project where I tackle all the toys, separate them – one that they often play with and another to donate! 

I was looking at Pinterest and found the cutest idea ever – since my boys love super heroes, I’m turning their room into super hero theme. I love the storage bins where you can attach the super hero logos on the front – check the website! Design and Dazzle. Unfortunately I can’t paint the wall since I rent the apartment.

I need to buy felt fabrics and different color of storage bins to do this project. I posted on my facebook page and asked for an opinion of buying a wooden toy box. One of my friends suggested me to try storage bins, I thought here, why not?! Since I have a toy organizer where you can take the bin and then put it back where it belongs! Since it’s so easy to see toys this way..

Here’s the worst part… pictures! eeek, the room is so messy looking!

Give me about a month or so to finish this off!!


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