Friday Funny: Dezmond and school

What is it that my 5 year old always asks me, ” I’m going to school tomorrow?” everyday, even when its on the weekend?  He always comes in the house, smiling and I ask did he have fun? He always responds with his head nodding. Gotta love that boy! He got his momma’s love for school. Now you see I was so into school growing up. Anyone can tell you that. 🙂 I was an honor roll student all my life. I hope that falls the same for my Dezmond. He’s an active and smart boy. Had a parent-teacher conference with his teacher two months ago and she told me that he’s so advanced than all of his peers, always listening and asking without taking. He doesn’t like to share but he’s getting there. I’m so proud of my boy. The reason why I write this post is because few days ago we had a little conversation about school.

Dezmond: Am I going to school tomorrow?
Me: Yes.
Dezmond: OK, with a big smile.
Me: Do you like school?
Dezmond: Yes, I like school.
Me: so am I!
Dezmond: You need to be little to go to school. You are going to be a little boy like me, Mommy.
Me with a blink stare and then giggled…and responded: You are right Dezmond. You are right.

How cute is that!!


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