Kindle Fire Giveaway!

Are you ready for the fun giveaway that would make your heart beating fast?

Adventures of a Military Family of 8 and 7 on a shoestring are co-hosting this event and I am teamed up with them and 28 other bloggers to bring this! I know how everyone would want one for their loved ones. What would you say that we give you many chances to win one?!  Although this is pretty easy, you will have to work for this one because this event is self-sponsored. 30 bloggers has participated and each one contributed this giveaway and deserve a nice recognition.

There are plenty ways to earn entries.. All we are asking of you is to like 30 Facebook pages, 30 twitter accounts, and add 12 bloggers to your Google+ circles (I haven’t done this!) Enter below by using the Rafflecopter

The contest ends at 11:59PM EST on Feburary 27, 2012.

Please note: all entries will be verified!

Shipping is only available to the US per Amazon’s restricions. This is only open to US residents.


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