Valentine Crafts

I bought the items needed to make valentine crafts for Dezmond’s class last week. 

– open stock papers
– heart punch
– heart stamp
– ink for stamp
– scissor
– goo gone
– polyuterane (fast-drying)
– glitters
– pencils
– shelf liners

I only spent $6.XX for crafts and I won a $20 Lowe’s giftcard in twitter party long time ago and I used that to buy sprays.

I found the cutest idea ever for the mason jars on Pinterest. Mason Jars Glitter Heart Votives – the information and instruction can be found in the link provided. So, my creation came to this – I tried my best!

Now, for personalized pencils.. Dezmond gave me a hard time because he wanted to make his own, instead of making for his friends. So, I borrowed the idea from Momspotted but I did it slightly different because of the heart punch. I couldn’t find the smaller one. Here it is!

I hope you find something to make for your children’s class just like I did. I will try to come up with something different next year. I love those DIY projects.


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