2 months Update

Wow, it seems like Kaden has turned into this chunky 2 months old. I have never had a baby this fat, LOL. His appointment isnt due til next week, so I’m really anxious to see how much he weighs since his last doctor’s visit.

He takes nursing like champ. He latches on perfectly and has no problem whatsoever. I’m truly blessed because I have everything he wants. He knows that I’m always there. Everytime he cry and turns his head to look for me, he knows that I’m his mommy, period. I know how to soothes him and calm him down when he cry. He’s not spoiled, like some people say. He’s loved. I love my little Amor, so so very much. His brothers loves him so much too. Like I say, I’m truly blessed.

Life has been great. School is out for the summer. I’m looking for ideas to do with my boys. Library, arts & crafts, museums, water parks, farmers market. Oh and I think it’s time to potty train Zion. It’s challenged to try to potty train this very independent toddler. It was easier to potty train Dezmond when there was just him.

Oh gotta go. Dezmond asked for an ice cream.



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