Dezmond’s Kindergarten School Supplies

I got the list when I went to register him into kindergarten in April of this year, I’m kinda surprised because most of time, the lists comes in the summer at Walmart. So to take an advantage of this, I crossed out of the items that I have bought over the year while couponing.

This is the reason why I love couponing! You pay less than nothing or free! For example, in the list, it asks for 2 baby wipes. WHAT?! I have million of those stocked in my bathroom closet. In fact, they were free after coupon and gas reward at Martin’s! You can’t beat that! I also happened to score fourty-eight 4oz elmers glues at Martin’s for 32 cents each in June of this year! It also asked to get 2 ziploc gallon bags. I scored those for $1 each after UP+ and coupon at Rite Aid!

July is the best month to stock up on school supplies. I was able to score fifty elmers glue sticks and 4 pens for $1 after coupon at Walmart. So, yes it’s possible that you can get them for dirty cheap. At Staples, I scored 2 paper prints, 2 calendar, 12 small storage boxes, 4(4) 4 ct sharpies, super glues and binder staples for $42 and will get $24 deposited in my paypal account. I LOVE IT! I also scored (4) 24 ct crayola crayons for $1.16, they are 29 cents each at Kroger! It’s fun to see how much money I’m able to save this month. I will calculate after I get all of his supplies together! Here is the list

Backpack – large size – I won a LandsEnd backpack last year, so free!
2 Ticonderoga beginner pencils – $2 each at Staples, these are the best price, I have seen $2.50 for those!
1 box of 8 ct LARGE crayola crayons
1 box of 8 ct REGULAR crayola crayons
2 boxes of 8 ct crayola washable markers = classic colors, broad tips
2 – 4 oz bottles of elmer’s white glue – scored those for 32 cent each!
8 elmer’s glue sticks – target has those on sale for .99/6ct. Or you can price match!
1 pair fiskars steel-blade, blunt tip scissors – got those at Walgreens for .99 cents!
1 supply box with attached cover
2 zippered pencil pouch – 3 ring binder style
1 black and white marbled composition notebook – scored those at Rite Aid for .25 cent each!
2 plastic/vinyl pocket folder
1 vinyl tri-fold rest mat
1 art t-shirt (oversized t-shirt) – scored those for $2.50 at Michael’s.
2 arge containers of baby wipes – scored those for free after gas reward and coupon at Martin’s!
2 large of boxes of tissues (at least 200 count) – will score those for .63 cents at CVS
Boys Bring – 2 boxes of ziploc bags (gallon size) – scored those for $1 each after UP+ and coupon at Rite Aid


One thought on “Dezmond’s Kindergarten School Supplies

  1. Oh wow, I had no idea the supply list for kindergarten was so long! I remember when I was little my mother got me a backpack, lunchbox, and pencils. I never needed anything else. So glad you were able to get some great deals on your son's supplies!

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