Mia, Diesel and Sky

2 pitbulls and a baby husky.

1 pitbull named Mia was just turned 3. Very wild but a loving and friendly dog.

another pitbull named Diesel had a color skin full of brown that looked like Diesel, hence the name. He was very spoiled and always stay close to me.

a husky, a beautiful white husky with the bluest eyes you’d ever laid your eyes on. His name was Sky and he was just a baby. Very independent and loving puppy.

On the morning of Jan 9 2009, all three of them were taken away from me. I bawled like a baby. Yes, I rarely cry but that day I just cried.

 I didn’t get why Mia unleashed on Sky. All of his stomach was destroyed, he was just barely alive. I didn’t know why I let them back out on the back porch, thinking they were okay. I was cooking breakfast and upon arriving to the back door, I saw Mia and Diesel come running to me and there was blood on their paws. I immediately looked to the left and saw Sky laying on the ground. I ran back to my boyfriend and told him. He ran and grabbed Sky in a towel and tried to revive him. He was just almost gone.

When my boyfriend tried to take him to the nearest ER, the police and humane society stopped him. I didn’t understand what went on but then, I am deaf and was unable to hear what was going on in the back porch. The neighbors next door called the cops.

The cops came up to my door and asked questions and took pictures of the incidents. The lady was very sympathetic and was very sorry because I couldn’t see through the tears. She just simply took the pitbulls from me, just like that. I didn’t understand why Mia, who was very friendly and loving dog, acted this way that day. My boyfriend was telling me that she was probably pregnant..

Then the next few days, I called the place where the cops took the dogs. I just wanted to know how they were doing but I never get the answer or the phone calls back. So, I never knew and knew they were put to sleep. I just cried, thinking about it.

But then, I discovered that I was pregnant with my middle child.

A saddest day of my life had turned to a happiest day.


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