Why I blog

This is another blog carnival, brought to you by Trisha!

Why I blog. Hmm. At first I blog to show my coupon deals. And then I looked around on the internet and see all the trips that were made by coupon bloggers. That’s when I decided not to blog about them anymore, maybe one or two times. If my trip is really big and successful, I will post them.

I blog to share my kids and their accomplishments. The blog name, My 2 Crazy Curls, is dedicated to my two boys who has head full of curls!

I blog as way to connect. I love to connect via Facebook, Twitter, any social media there is. I want to build my brand. I know it’s not done overnight. It will take years to get where I want my blog to be. Right now, I’m pretty content with how things are looking.

My goal a a blogger for the rest of the year

– Upping my page rank
– More followers.
– Make money
– get one or two sponsors.
– I want to research a little bit more about paid advertisers.
– connect between myself and other bloggers and/or PR

I blog so I can stay at home and take care of my boys. Never in my wildest dream that I can be able to do so, while blogging. I get a little recognition from my blog. Sorry this is a short post, but check back in a few days and I will add them.

As a blogger, why do you blog? I’d like to read about them! – go here


16 thoughts on “Why I blog

  1. The personal touch of your blog is refreshing! You have set some great goals for yourself. I blog to support small business owners and bloggers to extend their reach. My daughters and I started a Virtual Assistant business a few years back, that led to our passion of blogging to support our clients. The goal in 2012 is to monetize and connect with other small biz owners and bloggers 🙂 All the best to you and your Two Crazy Curls! xoxo

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