Zion loves his older brother!

My sweet Zion is 3. He would always points at stuff and gives me such hard time trying to understand him. He would scream, cry, or shout! Everytime he does this, I ask him to speak to me nicely or sign back to me. At first, he refuses! And then I ask again and again. Consistency is the key here! Then finally, one day he walks to me and signs what he wants. I’m surprised because he’s very strong willed and very stubborn child but I love him just the same!

Every morning when he wakes up, he always says, “Where is Dezmond?”  I told him he’s at school. And then he is on his way to stuff on his own, watching a movie or play with Kaden, his young brother. Or driving mommy crazy! LOL.

He knows as soon as 2:50pm hits, he would want to come with me to wait for Dezmond at a bus stop. Most of times he comes with me and we would walk down the street. And wait for Dezmond.

His face lits up everytime there’s a bus coming. He would scream,” Dezmond!!”

This melts my heart every time.

They would fight, scream and be mad at each other… but at the end of the day, they are just brothers who love each other so much!


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