My Hair

I have a long hair growing up. I have had never take a good care of it. See, I was involved in a lot of sports while in elementary school. I always put my hair in a ponytail and go on with the day. I was such a tomboy back then, so much that my hair was always breaking and had a dry scalp all the time. I used those kind of jams/greases/such to my hair that it make my appearance very very off. Once in a while I went to hair  salon and came out looking brand new. But within a few days, it went back to the way it was before then. I was so very frustrated. 

It wasn’t until the birth of Zion, I took a good look at myself and said that’s it. I gotta find a way to keep up with taking care of my hair. So I went on the internet and searched high and low. Finally, one day in December 2009, I went to Hairlista, an site where you can take care of your own hair without the help of salon and such. It has step by step on how to take care of your hair. It looks very interesting. It tells me which shampoos/conditioners that are very good for you. 
Since that day, I fell in love. Was always on site 24/7, finding new ways to take care of my hair. I never knew about co-wash, pre-poo, apple cider vinegar rinse, etc. There are shampoos/conditioners I never thought that it would help. I absolutely love Herbal Essence and Aussie, they help to make my hair manageable. 
I highly recommend to those who want to try natural hair to go for coconut oil, it has to be organic. I love that it’s so versatile. Yes, once you put it on your scalp, it will run all over your face. LOL. I look like a greasseball when I do this. But I always massage my scalp once a day to keep it awake and alive. I haven’t used shampoo for over a year now, since it strips my hair down and make it hard to detangle. I co-wash all the time. Detangle in the shower under a cool water. I use an old t-shirt to wrap my hair for at least 15 minutes. Then I massage coconut oil onto my scalp and then use leave-in conditioner. Once my hair dry, I use Wave Noveau to lock in the moisture and then seal with (of course) coconut oil. Your hair will thank you. It do to me. 
I have been natural for almost 3 years! And I must say, I am loving it!!

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