Random Act of Kindness

This giftcard has been sitting in my binder for almost a year being unused. So here I thought, why don’t I cheer someone day up because this person has gone through so much in a year. I asked my other friend to give me the address so I can send that to her.

I sent it on saturday and put up a status on facebook saying I sent the giftcard to someone who deserves this giftcard more than I do. Then come Monday, it hasn’t arrived. So I wait the next day.

She was like, “aww my secret santa is the best. I got something else in the mail!” Mind you, we are part of Secret Santa exchange and the envelope wasnt it. So we encouraged her to open the mail, no one know but two of us.

Then later that night, she put a facebook post,” AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Look it. It has me in tears! Happy tears!”

Showing a picure of $100 SpaFinder.com giftcard!

I did my good deed for the day.

What have you?

Disclosure: This is no way sponsored by SpaFinder.com. I won the giftcard last year. Always, opinons and thoughts are 100% my own.


4 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness

  1. What a wonderful blessing you were to your friend! It is a great time of year to remember to do a few random acts of kindness.
    Today, I brought the receptionist in a bag I found at the store yesterday. She has had a rough couple of weeks and it was great to see her smile when I gave it to her! 🙂

  2. That's awesome!

    I haven't done anything random, but we have made planned donations to food pantries in our area. Maybe we'll buy someone's dinner tonight…

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