What is it like at Christmas at our household?

Dezmond is in kindergarten and understands fully about christmas, I asked what he want to do on that day. He puts his finger near his chin and taps them like most kids do these days and goes, “Um, I want… um.. I want.” LOL. I thought that was so cute to see how he acts. Now he signs more to me each day which is pretty much impressive.

He would like to

* watch a movie that he picks with his younger brother, Zion
* drink hot cocoa
* play 3 or 4 board games that he will get during his school break.
* help his mommy with baking homemade sweets. he loves chocolate!
* do arts & crafts with Zion

Oh yeah we will do all of that.

What is it like at christmas day at your household? I’d like to hear them!


6 thoughts on “What is it like at Christmas at our household?

  1. Very cute! I hadn't even thought to ask my dude- great idea! We usually have a whole Christmas dinner at my in-laws but we're postponing it to the weekend after this year so now I'm not sure what we'll do!

  2. my boys would be all over the hot chocolate. We are gluten and dairy free in our home so I have to make it from coconut milk, but it is sooooo creamy that way. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

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