I got a RAOK!

Remember the RAOK post I did few days ago?

Well, it happened to me TODAY!

At T.G.I. Friday!

We were out shopping and then we thought of a restaurant nearby we wanted to have a sit down. I won a $25 TGIF giftcard from their twitter party few months ago and thought why not we go there and spend it? So we did.

We were taken to our seat and there was a sweet cashier taking her time with us because we are deaf, we pointed out stuff we wanted to order and then she fill the order for us. She brought us our drinks, and then food. I played with Kaden. He jumped all over the place. Nearly screamed and whatnot. A typcial 8 month old. Love him!! I ordered him Mandarin oranges and wondered if he likes it or not. And he loved it! He ate 3 of them. We ate our late lunch and watched some football on the screen in the restaurant.

Then the cashier asked us if we want to take food with us. I told her yes and I wanted two box. So, she brought them over and…. NO CHECK! I looked at her and said ” No bill?” She smiled at me and said no check, you may go. I said, ” Thank you so much!” She left and i left her a tip on the table.

Oh and the bill couldn’t be more than $30 at most.

I’m a true believer now!


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