My son: Zion Naje’

Zion Naje’ is a sweet but strong-willed child. He turned 3 in August. Speaks really well before his older brother when Dezmond was at this age.

He is SO attached to me. Ever since birth… he breastfed exclusively for almost 2 and half years. I wouldn’t leave room without him screaming. He had to see his mommy in the room with him. For those 2 years I had to be in his sight or he’d go crazy! When he was an infant, he wouldn’t want nobody to hold him, not even his grandparents, cousins or his DAD but his MOMMY!

At first I was so frustrated but then it sit well with me because I nursed him 24/7, well not 2/7 but you get my  draft. Everytime I placed him in another person’s arm, he would scream and scream til he’s placed in my arms. Oh my sweet Zion, must you scream everytime I do this.

It came naturally when he weaned and didnt want to stay with me all the time since he starts to talk more. He follows his older brother all the time…

It hasnt dawned on me til today when his grandmother took both of them to church with her today. When they came home, their grandmother said,”  Linda, you know what? They are really really good boys but into an hour, Zion started to cry… I asked whats wrong.. He was silent for a minute.. then I said do you want mommy? He shook his head yes…Then I told him that we will be home shortly. Then an hour later, he started to cry again.. I asked what’s wrong.. he said I want mommy..”

Melt my heart!

                                                           Here is a recent pic of him..


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