We had a good Merry Christmas

Yes we did!

I baked 3 desserts. Oreo Truffles, Eggnog Meltways and Slow Cooker Fudge. All was found on pinterest! They were so delicious. My sons grandmother loved the eggnog meltways and said they were soo good. We went to her house for christmas potluck where everyone bought their own creations. We had turkey, ham, mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, dressings, collard greens, green beans, colessaw, etc. The food was superb!

My boys recceived Spidermand and Batman legos, towels/wash cloth, coats/hats, clothes. Kaden receivd teething toys, a seat and a jumperoo.

I received (2) 11 opening collages where I can add pictures. I never put any pictures on the wall and I think it’s time that I do.

What did you do and receive?


One thought on “We had a good Merry Christmas

  1. This post made me hungry! hahaha I cooked the sides while mother in law cooked a ham and some kind of pork thing (I am not sure – I stuck with the ham) and then I cooked breakfast casserole muffins for Christmas morning. Oh, and pancakes 🙂

    I received the stand mixer I had been drooling over, a new macro lens and a tripod. It was an amazing holiday 🙂

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