New Year Resolutions

I have and haven’t. I sort of wrote them down but remember them in my mind so I didn’t write down. Maybe I should put this down on my blog so I wouldn’t forget.

My goal for blogging

Transfer to WordPress
Connect to bloggers
Monetize my blog
Upping my page rank
blog at least 2x a day (well trying!)
Vlog about my couponing hauls

To give you an idea go to my old post  – Why I blog

My goal for the boys

involved in sports activiities (ie swimming, baseball, socceer, karate)
eat veggies and fruits (especially my 3 year old – he hates fruits/veggies – I need to work on that with him)
possibly homeschooling my 3 year old.

My goal for myself

pay off my debt
keep at crocheting so i can make money
cook more – get the boys to involve
bake desserts so i can sell
sweeping more – twitter arties, iwgs, etc)

There are more but I cant think off of my head.

Have you started yours yet? Let me hear them!


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