Kaden is Trying To Walk

Before the new year started, Kaden has been standing for more than 2 minutes and then fall. He didn’t get up using his hands but he gets up with his two feet. I thought that was soo cute.

He would get up and stare at me and then cry. Then two days after the new year, he took two or three small steps then fall. He is very determined. He took me by surprise when he try to walk towards me 2 days ago.
 I can see that he gets frustrated when try to get where he is going but I can tell you this, he will definitely walk before he turns 9 month on the 20th. 
My 2 sons didnt walk til they are 10-11 months old.
oh Kaden has 6 teeth before he turns 8 month old. He is still a cranky baby when his new teeth comes through. Always look for something to relieve the pain. Right now his two teeth on the sides of front teeth comes through.
                                  I love this chunky child! 

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