Meal Plan: Week of Jan 14

Into the new year I want to cook and prepare whats around my pantry. I have stocked up with lot of canned goods, lot of meats during Martin’s fuelperk program where they had the buy 3, get .40 off per gallon. Since this is week 2 of my meal planning, I think I did good so far and only stick to whats on the menu on the list. Here is my week 2 of meal planning.

Jan 14 – brinner (breakfast for dinner) french toast, fried potatoes, eggs and ham.

Jan 15th – something with drumsticks.. I dont know yet.

Jan 16th – Pulled Pork sandwich

Jan 17th – leftovers of pulled pork sandwich

Jan 18th – frozen pizza

Jan 19th – leftovers of pulled pork sandwich (if there is any more left)

Jan 20th – my friend’s baby shower

Whats on your meal planning for this week?


8 thoughts on “Meal Plan: Week of Jan 14

  1. Dinners around here are usually planned last minute, but I do try to cook all our lunches on Sunday. It is just my husband and I, so it is not too difficult. This week we are having a vegetarian enchilada casserole, hubby is getting sausages and veggies one day, and if we run out of leftovers, never-fail cheese sandwiches. I really should work on planning dinners too!

  2. I'm usually pretty good about planning meals 😉 I like to have some make ahead freezer meals so if I forget to thaw out some meat or just don't “feel” like cooking I can just throw it in the crockpot and be done with it.

    Tomorrow I am making some chicken drumsticks in the crockpot, I found a cool pin on Pinterest that shows how to rumple up foil and put it in the bottom of your crockpot, then put the drumsticks on top-it keeps your chicken moist but not mushy. I made it last week and it was delicious! Fall off the bone tender 🙂 I'm going to try a balsamic honey drumstick recipe tomorrow!
    The rest of the week I have: Hamburger gravy over mashed cauliflower, oven baked tilapia, Italian chicken, and bacon and eggs!

  3. Oh yea I totally hear you on lunches, since it's easy. Dinner are hard but since i meal plan, money in my wallet has been easier, not to overspend it. Just shop around whats on sale at your grocer and your pantry makes it SO much easier these days!

  4. Oh I might need to check this drumsticks out. I always have them fried but want something different. My oldest son loves fried drumsticks. I have never heard of hamburger gracy over cauliflower, sounds delicious!

  5. I make a dinner menu EVERY week. It helps a TON! This week I am reviewing some chicken items, so that's 3 days. I just had to buy the veggies and side items. We are doing potato soup one day and then cleaning out the leftovers on Friday. Saturdays are usually lazy – whatever is in the house. Sunday we go out!

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