Meal Plan: Week of Feb 11th

Since my oldest loves meat, so I think here, why not to make this week a little more fun? My oldest loves anything meat. He would always ask for seconds!

Feb 12th – Mexican chicken, rice and beans (a crockpot recipe)
Feb 15th – Frozen pizza
Feb 16th & 17th – leftovers
What’s your meal plan for this week? Let’s hear them!


SunRype: a #SheSpeaks review

For years I have tried to get Zion,m y 3 year old to eat anything, other than grilled cheese (his favorite meal!). It’s so hard trying to get him to eat because he always watch me.  I know I need to work on getting him to wait for me in another room. But he’s the pickiest eater. He always analyzes food whether or not to eat them. Until this products came to my doorstep.
fruits grains
Knowing Zion, he would inspect like he always do. But I assured him that it’s a good product for him. Questionally, he would look at me and shook his head no. I told him to take a bite and he did. And then he spit it out and said it tastes funny. Then I eat SunRype 100% strawberry fruit strip. At the first taste, it tasted okay but 2nd and 3rd it was great. It tastes like a real strawberry.
It contains no artifical ingredients. It comes from real stuff, strawberry. It has 50 calories. There are two different fruit strips, which are strawberry and wildberry. There are grains that I haven’t tried yet but it’s good when you are craving for something sweet.
Taken from SunRype:
We’re dedicated to providing simple, nutritious products that make it easier for today’s busy families to incorporate healthy eating into their active lives. We follow the highest quality and safety standards during all phases of the manufacturing of our products. We want to help you make good choices that offer both great taste and wholesome goodness.
It’s just that, for busy families to change their eating habits. A while ago, I was thinking when the weather gets warm, both my sons, Dezmond and Zion are into activities this year, such as karate, soccer, etc. I would bring the products and have them try to eat them.
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of As always, opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.

Have I Met My Goals?

Have I met some of my goals this month? Read here

I have! I connected with most of the bloggers on social media platforms! I absolutely love this connection I make on a daily basis. And check out their blogs and such weekly. It gives me ideas on what to write about other than being stumped on.

Next month, I will try to transfer over to WordPress. I will try to have a brand new blog makeover. I found the image I absolutely love, colors and all!

One goal at a time!

Gardening: Herbs!

For the longest I wanted to grow my own herbs but I couldnt wrap my head on how/where to get started. I got 3 seeds from Bing through Klout Perks last year. It’s sitting in my cabinet, waiting to be thrived!

I collect baby glass jars and I have many uses for them. How fabulous would it be if I grow herbs in those jars indoor, to save up spaces. I have no idea where to put them, but I’m sure it’s out of the reach of my boys’ little hands! 🙂

I will let you know the progress of the herbs as soon as I get the potting soils!

Disclaimer: I got the free samples from Bing through Klout Perks. As always, opinions/thoughts are 100% my own.

Meal Plan: Week of Jan 28th

Into the last week of first month of the year I want to try different vegetables each week to see if we like it. I dont think I have ever eaten asparagus but this will be on this week meal plan.

Jan 28th – Italian Pot Roast 

Jan 29th – Pork Loins with asparagus and mashed potatoes.

Jan 30th  – Fried chicken, mac and cheese and greens – Dezmond’s favorite!

Jan 31st – Baked Ziti with Sausage 

Feb 1st – Frozen Pizza

Feb 2nd – Brinner

What’s your meal plan for this week? Let’s hear them!